Designing your brand identity and logo is a detailed process, that helps us know your company's personality and goals from the inside out.  

Step 1: The Questionnaire

The first, and most important step is an easy online questionnaire where you will tell us everything there is to know about your company, your goals, your customers, your likes/dislikes, even your competition!

Step 2: The Client Brief

Based on your questionnaire responses, we draft a client brief, or summary document that outlines the project goals, design considerations, moods and styles, and anything else that is pertinent to our work.

Step 3: The Mood Board

The mood board is a collection of images and typography that will communicate your design direction.

Step 4: The Design

The design process is the most lengthy, because this is where we will collaborate back and forth to reach your final product!

Step 5: The Finale

Once we reach your final design board, we will send you all files related to the project in every major file format.